The Skinny on Fats


Best Fats:

* Pasture-raised meats
* Wild-Caught salmon and sardines (still be careful of mercury issues and increasingly radiation)
* Eggs from pasture-raised poultry
* Whole dairy products from grass-fed cows
* Nuts and nut butters like raw organic almond butter
* Seeds and seed butters like tahini (ground sesame seeds)
* Avocados
* Olives
* Coconuts

Best Fats for Baking and Cooking:

* Butter
* Ghee (clarified butter)
* Lard (I don’t really recommend use of pig fat.)
* Coconut oil

Best Oils for Dressings (Not Cooking):

* Olive Oil
* Flaxseed (keep refrigerated)
* Sesame and toasted sesame
* Walnut
Look for “organic,” “first pressed,” “cold-pressed,” “extra-virgin,” or “unrefined” on the labels for these oils. 

Fats and Oils to Avoid:

Avoid all fats and oils labeled:
* Hydrogenated or “trans”
* Margarine
* Vegetable
* Corn
* Canola
* Soybean
* Sunflower
* Expeller-Pressed
* Refined
* Solvent Extracted
* Polyunsaturated

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