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All Vitamins are NOT Created Equal

When buying a multivitamin, be aware of the differences in quality. You may think that the Once Daily multivitamin you picked up at the grocery store or drug store is a high quality item. After all, it’s advertised on TV. What you may not realize is that it contains synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, binding agents, and shellac, that prevent the vitamin from breaking down. It may even contain aluminum. Shellac coated vitamins do not dissolve, and may come out the way they went in. Capsules break down easily.  100% whole food vitamins are not coated and also break down easily.

Good Bacteria (Probiotics) Promotes Better Digestion

Probiotics are good bacteria that live throughout your gut and kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast. They also help you break down and absorb the foods that you eat. Years ago milk, cheese, and naturally fermented foods like homemade buttermilk and sauerkraut were plentiful with healthy bacteria. That isn’t the case anymore. Some yogurts contain probiotics, but usually just one strain and in a low dose. Probiotics need to be replenished on a continual basis.  Everyday stress, chlorinated water, fluoride, alcohol, birth control pills, and poor diet are all killers of probiotics. Prescription antibiotics kill all bacteria in the body. When the good bacteria are depleted, yeast, fungi and other pathogens have a greater opportunity to do harm to your body.


Probiotics help with: allergies, skin problems, bad breath & body odor, yeast & fungal infections, constipation & diarrhea, immune system, and overall well being.


Raw foods contain live enzymes, which play a key role in the digestive process. When food is cooked above 118 degrees wet (steam, boil) or 150 degrees dry (bake, fry, grill), the enzymes are destroyed. This leaves your body responsible for secreting the enzymes necessary for breaking down the foods that you eat.  When your body has to do this over and over again everyday, it places a lot of stress on your system and organs. This leaves less metabolic enzymes for repairing damaged cells and tissues and keeping your immune system strong. Processing has stripped all of the enzymes from food in order to increase shelf life. Fresh foods rot and packaged food does not. Take an enzyme when you eat to give your body more energy and enzymes to promote organ and tissue health. How do you know if you are lacking enzymes? 


Some symptoms could be: heartburn, gas, constipation, bloating, allergies, ulcers, and a lack of energy.

Fish Oil Smell?

It is vitally important to opt for quality when purchasing a fish oil or cod liver oil supplement. Properly processed fish oil should NOT smell fishy!  If yours does, it is rancid and could also be contaminated with a number of harmful substances. The way fish oil is processed, cleaned and tested has everything to do with the quality of the finished product.

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