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The BEMER device is an excellent wellness tool to increase circulation to the body, which will allow more nutrition and oxygen flow to the body’s cells. BEMER helps stimulate muscles to improve performance.

This is an FDA Class II non-invasive medical device for consumer use.

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By supporting your body through nutrition, homeopathics, and herbal medicines while providing the ministry of prayer, Biblical principles, and nutritional support for whole person wellness

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PathoGuard’s targeted formula helps clear the body from bacteria, worms, parasites, and viruses. It supports the immune system and restores healthy gastrointestinal function.

90 vegetarian capsules

Intestinal Repair

Our goal was to create the best and most complete intestinal repair product on the market. We started with a long list of gut-health support ingredients*–L-Glutamine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Quercertin, MSM, Sweet Wormwood, Zinc and more–then combined them in the most optimal quantities of each. Barlean’s Intestinal Repair is a three-in-one product formulated to support the health of your intestinal terrain* with a powerful blend of ingredients including: Natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs to help eliminate harmful bacteria* Prebiotics to feed beneficial bowel flora Terrain healing ingredients to repair and support the semi-permeable lining of the intestines* Daily use can help to: Repair and maintain GI tract health* Support repair of leaky gut* Kill candida and other harmful bacteria* Create an optimal environmental for probiotics*

30-serving canister

High Potency

Maxxum 3 is iron-free and formulated for health practitioners seeking a 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, providing nutrients in clinically validated forms and amounts. Maxxum 3 is the right choice for patients preferring a capsule delivery system in a high-quality, cost-effective, iron-free multi that supports bone health.

180 vegetarian capsules


ACS-200 Silver has been clinically proven to effectively boost the immune system, exceeding benefits and efficacy of all silver-based products tested. Extensive research confirms silver is a vital nutrient and crucial for maintaining superior health, without harming friendly flora. This spray can be used topically.

2 Fl oz – 60 ML

Dr. Bronner's

Pure-Castile Soap


Biokleen Laundry products are concentrated to reduce packaging, waste, and energy use. Our Bio Active formulas use powerful plant-derived and mineral-based cleaning agents to break up stains and eliminate odors, leaving clothes clean, fresh and smelling great every time.

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