Essential Oils


Butterfly Express essential oils are quality oils with affordable prices.

We carry a range of their oils with blends for various ailments. See the below cross reference chart to find the blend you are looking for:


Young Living DoTerra Ancient Wisdom Butterfly Express 
Abundance   Prosperity Bountiful
Acceptance   Receiving  Acknowledge
Aroma Life   Live the Aroma Vitality
Aroma Siez AromaTouch Siez the Aroma Warm Down
Austrailian Blue   Birthing of the Blue Undone, Turmoil
Awaken     Everlasting
Believe   Faith Beloved, Believe
Brain Power In Tune Increase Your Knowledge IQ
Christmas Spirit   Spirit of the Season Holiday Spirit
Citrus Fresh Citrus Bless Citrus Delite Sunburst
Clarity In Tune Clearly Crystal Clear
Common Sense     Victory
Deep Relief Deep Blue   Deeper, Patches
DiGize DigestZen® Comfort Inside-Out,
Di-Tone DigestZen   Inside-Out, Julia
Dragon Time Solace Lady Be Good Women Wise
Dream Catcher   Catch the Dream Dreams
Egyptian Gold     Meditation
Endo Flex Slim & Sassy Vitality Endo Relief
En-r-gee   Energize Energy
Envision     Discernment
Exodus   Goodbye Egyptus Journey
Forgiveness   Letting Go Trust, Reconciliation
Gathering   Together Inner Peace,
Gentle Baby   Baby Soft Baby Me
GLF Zendocrine   LivN
Gratitude   Grateful Grateful Heart
Grounding Balance Peaceful Connection
Harmony   Harmonize Unity
Highest Potential     Grace
Hope   Future Dreams Whispering Hope
Humility   Humble Faith
Immune Power On Guard Body Protector Life Force
Inner Child   Inner Voice Insight
Inspiration   Inspiring Meditation
Into the Future   The Future is Now Tomorrow
Joy Elevation Happiness Heart Song
Juva Cleanse Zendocrine Supportive Revitalize
Lady Sclareol Whisper, Immortelle   Ageless, Sego Lily
Live with Passion   Passionate Exhilaration
Longevity   Long Life Eternity
Magnify/Purpose Balance Increase Your Purpose Focus
Melrose Clear Skin Cleansing Mela Plus
M-Grain Past Tense Stress Relief My-graine
Mister Clary Calm Manly Balance
Motivation   Inspired Assurance
Ortho Ease AromaTouch   Tenda Care
Panaway Deep Blue Painless Paine
Peace & Calming Serenity Serenity Tranquility
Present Time     Wisdom
Purification Purify Purity Purify
R.C. Breathe Breath Easy Aspire
Raven Breathe Sinus Relief  Breezey
Release   Freedom Letting Go
Relieve It Deep Blue Liberate Deeper
RutaVaLa     Quiet Essence
Sacred Mountain   Sacred Mountains Sanctuary
Sara   Relived Angel
Sensatim Elevation   Expressions
Sensation Whisper Excitement Expressions, Moonlight
Serenity     Solituide
Slique     Weightless
Stress Away     Intention
Surrender   Submission Vision
The Gift     Cherish
Thieves On Guard Ancient Robbers SpiceC, Deliverance
Three Wise Men   Nephites 3 Magi
Transformation   Life Change AboutFace
Trauma     Turmoil
Valor Balance Bravely Millenia
White Angelica   Sweet Angelia Benediction
  Immortelle   Ageless
  Purify, Terra Shield   Away
  GX Assist   Candila
      Cinnamon Bear
      Key to My Heart
      Kindred Spirit
  Citrus Bliss   Wake Up

This is not a comprehensive list of products we carry in our store. Feel free to visit or contact us to inquire about specific products, brands, or devices you are looking for. If you need items shipped to you, please contact us at (409) 227-4192 to place your order.